Gokce Zeren

Gökçe Zeren
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant R530851

My Canadian adventure started in August 2010, in Ottawa, where we moved to with my husband Nyousha. In the beginning, we didn’t know where to start from so we registered to an ESL program. Since we moved from one of the busiest cities in Turkey, we found the life in Ottawa a lot quieter than what we are used to and we decided to move to Toronto. My educational background is Biology which I never had an interest in, so I decided to take my second chance of education in Canada for studying something that I am interested in and I decided to proceed with Marketing. During my studies, I had two part-time jobs. The first one was at a dance studio, where I was working as an instructor. This is where got to meet with a lot of new people and practice my speaking skills in my first couple years. My second job was at the international center of the college that I was studying at. I was helping international students like myself with their visa, study permit and work permit applications. As you might have noticed, my first years in Canada have been really busy which fast-forwarded my adaptation period. After graduating from college, I have started working for a global company as a marketing manager. However, I was always looking for opportunities to start my own business and I started going to school for real estate. After 3.5 years, I left my corporate career and started working as a real estate agent. As more people started reaching out to me from Turkey, I found myself not only answering their real estate questions, but also their questions regarding schools in Canada. Therefore, I wanted to turn this into a business opportunity and provide education consultancy professionally. While we have been having discussions about this with our friends and neighbours Burcu & Ali, we decided to start our partnership business Route to Canada. We are very excited to share our experience with you and hoping to shed some light to your route to Canada!

Feel free to reach out to me if you are planning to buy, sell or invest in Toronto. Check out my YouTube channel for my videos on Toronto neighborhoods and real estate market! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6waf9kEKdTjeIHNdXjkXA