Burcu Gure

Burcu Güre
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant R531567

Coming to Canada was not something I had considered. The idea of settling in Canada started to shape up after my husband's decision of studying in Toronto, being accepted to a school and being issued a study permit, which took only two weeks. Initially, the idea of moving to Canada was not appealing to me at all. Leaving my friends, my family and my career behind, and moving to the other side of the world only with 2 suitcases was not something I was excited about. This made it hard for me to adjust to life in Canada. But Canada is a country which welcomes you with wide open arms no matter how you feel about her, and wins your heart over rapidly, so it didn't take me too long to call her my home.

After studying Teaching Chemistry in Turkey, I decided that I shouldn't drift away from the education field and enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program in Toronto. With the help of the field placements offered by the program, I built up a network in my field and started working as an Early Childhood Educator straight out of college.

It makes me really happy to look back and evaluate my mistakes and my success, and use this experience to help others. This led us to team up with two of my closest friends, Gokce and Nyousha, to start sharing our experience with those who are new in Canada, or planning to move to Canada.