Ali Kokulu

Ali Kokulu
Education Consultant

Ever since middle school I've been hearing about what a great country Canada is from my Canadian online friends. Coming to Canada has been my dream ever since. I had my first long term international experience in Sweden, as an exchange student. The six months I spent there taught me the difficulties of living abroad. Particularly, if the locals of the country you live in make you feel unwelcome because of the country you were born in, your experience quickly becomes unpleasant.

After moving back to Turkey from Europe without hesitation I froze my plans to move abroad temporarily. I got my degree and started working in an international corporation as a consultant. After working there for about a year I started thinking about moving abroad again, and exactly one month later I touched ground in Toronto.

I came to Canada as a student after being accepted to the 'Digital Design - Game Design' program at the George Brown College. My goal was to study for a year, get my work permit and if I can adjust to the country, apply for permanent residency to settle here. I was expecting a lot of hardship in here after what I had gone through in Europe, but I found that the locals here are very friendly towards newcomers. Immigrants in Canada are not excluded, on the opposite Canadians do as much as they can to make them feel welcome and to help them adjust to life in Canada. This is what led me to the decision to finally settle here.

After finishing college, I found a job in my own field with some help from the college and started working. After a while, I married my girlfriend who had been waiting for me to come back to Turkey, and we settled here permanently. At the moment, I am teaching in some of Toronto's best colleges as well as helping people like you to come to Canada and find success here. As a person who is a part of the higher education community in Canada, and who walked the path from international student to permanent resident alone, I aspire to share my experience with you, help you take the right steps and start your Canadian Experience right as part of the Route to Canada team.